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Capturing the Vintage Vibe: A Faceoff of 5 Roland Juno 60 Emulation Plugins

Choosing the Best Roland Juno 60 Emulation Plugin: Exploring 5 Impressive Options Discover the array of options available when selecting the perfect Roland Juno 6 or Juno 60 emulation plugin that suits your needs. The Roland Juno is a timeless analog beauty, adored by countless artists across generations. Despite its simplicity, the hardware version boasted […]

Music Charts June 2023

Tala Chart June 2023 [] https://www.juno.co.uk/charts/dj/2778152-Tala/8341551-Chart/ In this debut music chart we have chosen a more capricious version by our taste: 1- Tala¬† – Number 9 Ep – Monotale Records, yes, the main monkey behind this blog also makes music and release it, and we are proud of this, so it is in number 1 […]

From Analog to Virtual: Evaluating Five Moog MiniMoog Emulations for your DAW

Unleashing the Power of Moog MiniMoog Emulations: A Comparative Analysis for Choosing the Perfect Synth Plugin for Your DAW. First, let’s beggin listen the real Moog : Round sound, heavy low end, what else? We have no word to describe this legendary synth, maybe the number 1 of all synths? It could be for all […]