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Top 5 Of Most Creative Bundle’s Vst, AU, Plug Ins.

Finding creative and inspiring tools is a essential part of music production. When you are lost or uninspired this tools will help you a lot and not only that, it will make your life a lot easy to make great music productions. Here we present you a Top 5 of this Bundle Offer of this […]

Monotale Bundle Of All Monotale’s Max For Live Devices At a Incredible Price!!!!

ThMonotale, the iconic brand of Max For Live devices is given a super Bundle Offer of all his products. Here we show you the highlights of these devices: Grain Glitch Delay. The Infamous Euclidean Sequencer. Random Control Repeater. Midi Utilities. Nord2Box Drum Machine. Groove Generators. The Starship Drum Machine!!! And you can check all the […]

Top 5 Soft FM Synths

The Evolution of FM Synthesis Explained. In the dynamic realm of electronic music, few innovations have had as profound an impact as Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis. From its revolutionary beginnings to its widespread integration in modern music production, the journey of FM synthesis is a captivating tale of sonic exploration and technological ingenuity. The Genesis […]