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Artcore.com A new platfrorm to discover new and exiting music! A home for the underground!

We are talking about Artcore.com, his mission is to provide artist, bands and labels the best platform to sell to and connect with their fans.

To provide DJs and fans with the best music discovery and purchasing experience.

Values :

  • Bring quality music to the fore
  • Identify artists that fans and DJs will like rather than push the highest selling music
  • Provide a high quality user experience

How it works :

Artcore is an online music marketplace built from the ground up to meet the needs of artists, bands and small labels. It was designed with DJs and electronic artists in mind, providing extensive metadata to help discover, curate and plan DJ sets, but it’s open to all, so bands and singer song-writers are welcome too and we provide customisation and personalisation tools so you only see the music you like!

Lovingly created by a producer/dj to be fast with the latest tech and a modern UI so you can discover new music and build your sets faster with less clicking around.

Metadata is front and center to help you find what you are looking for and we’re focused on unearthing the hidden gems instead of pushing the top 10s

We take care of paying artists directly, so you don’t have to. Allocate royalty shares and expenses and invite them to the platform and we’ll do the rest.

Our pricing is simple and fair, we take up to 20% of each digital sale and there are no monthly fees. Artists keep the remainder minus any paypal fees. Artists and Labels who introduce other artists or labels can take home up to 93% (after tax). Each invited invited artist who makes a sale earns you an additional 0.25% discount on commission (down to minimum 1%) for 1 year. More on Fees here.

As a marketplace, Artcore only facilitates the sale, you set your prices, manage your profile and retain full control of your music.

The people behind :

Tom Burnell / Founder

Tom is the brainchild behind Artcore. His first ever website was a music upload site he build in 1999 called.. Artcore. It lay dormant for many years but in 2022 he decided the time was right for it’s return.

A seasoned software developer of 25 years, Tom has worked at the likes of the BBC, SKY, Mail Online, Morgan Stanley & Ebookers. He’s also a hobbyist DJ and Techno Producer under the alias of Cylonik.

Rossana Caruana / Social & SEO
Rossana looks after SEO and Social Media and is passionate about music.
Jonathan Baker Bakes / UX Consultant
Jonathan provides invaluable UX expertise and is the drummer in The Dead Zoo.
Guillaume d’Arjuzon / UX and Design
Guillaume is our design and UX expert.
Antonio Romano / Tester
Antonio is our tester and also an electronic artist by the name of Romantic Pianella.




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