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Be careful when dealing with your works and Music Labels- My experience

Hello, I introduce myself for those who don’t know me. I am Tala https://www.discogs.com/artist/924729-Tala

And I want to write this blog post to warn all of you about the most dishonest person in this electronic music business, his name is Chris Hampshire owner of RecoverLabelGroup, I felt it was necessary to prevent any music producer or related to do any business with him.
A brief story, in the year 2008, they asked me for my music (also they asked me for a remix that I did for them) and I would like to remark this, I did not send any demo to them, THEY ASKED ME for my music, around 8 tracks and 1 remix work. Since the time was passing, I get casually noticed that they sold my music to Armind Van Buuren compilation and for sure they sold to some other labels, all of this without any notification, any consulting, any agreement. They took my work and they took a shit on it.
So, after 15 years of the contract I signed, at least 25 pages with the small letters (this is not because they are professionals, is because they don’t have the value of the word (I have worked with several vinyl and digital labels and all was made by word, and they paid me, not only for the music, also for a remix request) so, they ask to the artist to sign all this papers to get cover their ass, cox they are professionals liars.
So, again, after 15 years being exploited by Chris Hampshire, I asked him for a symbolic payment for all the work I have done for them, I only asked 100 UK$ just because I was in a financial hurry and he said NO.
Also, they have no respect for the music producer work, they said “we make the mastering work”….all they do is passing thru his super expensive analog compressor and fix the gain, nothing more, not master balance, no harmonic exciter content, no stereo image balance, no tape satin saturation….and yes, if you ask, I am a Sound Engineer specialized on mixing and mastering (you can send me an email to mastering.monotale@gmail.com and I will give you a free example of what I am capable to do, so, you can compare if you need a proper mastering service) .
In resume, avoid, avoid and avoid making any kind of deal with these people, because they will take shit on your sacrificed work.
Spread the word, warn to any of your music colleagues about these dishonest people.
Let’s not allow these people to continue scamming artists.
All my respect to all of you true musicians. Don’t be a fool, let’s condemn these dishonest people like Chris Hampshire, Calr Wicker and RecoverWorld Label Group who lie and exploit artists.


Music Producer, Sound Engineer, M4L Developer.

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