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Top 5 Of Most Creative Bundle’s Vst, AU, Plug Ins.

Finding creative and inspiring tools is a essential part of music production. When you are lost or uninspired this tools will help you a lot and not only that, it will make your life a lot easy to make great music productions.

Here we present you a Top 5 of this Bundle Offer of this king of Vst and AU Plug Ins.

1-Bitwig Studio 5 Producer, Scaler 2 & Lifeline Expanse Lite Bundle (Exclusive)


Bitwig Studio 5 Producer, Scaler 2 & Lifeline Expanse Lite Bundle

New to music production and looking for an affordable way to get started with a complete bundle? Trying to find a new DAW and plugin bundle to complement or switch up your existing setup?

In either case, we’ve got you covered.

Bitwig Studio 5 Producer is Bitwig’s new way of providing a curated feature set from its flagship product in a more affordable package, and includes 92 instruments, audio and note FX, as well as an expanded modulation system and content library.

Scaler 2 is your ‘does everything’ music theory inspiration and audio planning tool, used to create fantastic melodies and progressions without the need for advanced music theory tuition.

Lifeline Expanse Lite is a powerful and industry-revered multi-effect plugin, used to create rich soundscapes and bring new life to your audio.

All-in-all, this outstanding and well-featured package provides you with an entirely new base to work with in creating and moulding your projects, and will bring a whole new world of possibilities to your audio palette. Don’t worry about shopping around either, as this bundle is available exclusively through our website!

Buy Link: https://audioandgear.com/x7db


2- UJAM Usynth 2080 & Pitch Innovations Fluid Chords

Looking for the perfect tools to help you carve out synth lines like no other? Then look no further! Harness the innovative duo of UJAM’s Usynth 2080 and Pitch Innovations’ Fluid Chords to create unlimited varieties of synth tones and then break the boundaries of traditional timing with mind-blowing chord bending. Create the music of tomorrow, today!

Buy Link: https://audioandgear.com/sccx

3- Phase Plant+ Bundle

Explore unthinkable sonic possibilities with an award-winning synth and an advanced synthesis course that’ll give you the confidence you need to hone your skills. Kiloheart’s Phase Plant is a multi-award-winning, semi-modular softsynth developed for music producers and sound designers. With a unique combination of top-quality processing, creative freedom, and an intuitive workflow you will be creating amazing patches in no time. With Producertech’s Advanced Guide to Synthesis, you’ll be guided through the creation of numerous presets in comprehensive sessions where every part of the process is clearly and concisely explained.

This bundle is exclusive to our store and available for a limited time only.

Buy: https://audioandgear.com/tteh


4- Auto-Inspire Bundle

Harmony & rhythm, two fundamental aspects to music composition, can oftentimes be difficult to get right. By exclusively combining two top-quality plugins that streamline your approach to these elements, we’re aiming to provide you with a phenomenal collection of chords and rhythmic patterns, without diminishing creativity.

Scaler 2 is an intuitive, inspiring MIDI plugin that provides 200 song and genre-based chord sets and over 200 artist chord sets to inspire new progressions and melodies; plus, choose from hundreds of scales and modes to get your creative juices flowing. Now with version 2, Scaler can listen to incoming MIDI or audio data and detect the key your music is in. After this, it will suggest chords and chord progressions that will fit with your song. Scaler 2 can send MIDI to a virtual instrument in your DAW, and it has 30 onboard instruments to play with as well.

Playbeat 3 is a Creative Groove Randomizer plugin that intelligently generates beats and patterns for your productions. Unlike a typical step sequencer, Playbeat 3 creates patterns using algorithmic and random procedures to generate notes by combining Steps, Pitch and Volume information.

The Auto-Inspire Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and only available for a limited time only.

Buy: https://audioandgear.com/u6l0


5- Auto-Assist Bundle

Introducing the Auto-Assist Bundle Bundle, three effects for simplifying the most elusive parts of audio production: vocal manipulation, music theory and equalising. Featuring industry-standard auto-tune and powerful music production tools, this bundle opens up a world of mixing and vocal processing possibilities and makes finding chords and progressions intuitive and fun!

Antares Auto-Tune Access is your route to world-famous auto-tune sounds. It is built on Antares’ classic Auto-Tune technology that has become a staple in today’s music production, with real-time pitch correction, retuning and humanising parameters for quickly achieving your desired auto-tuned sound.

Scaler 2 is an inspirational and powerful music theory workstation that gives you access to a world of new ideas, expressions and melodies.

sonible smart:EQ 2 analyzes your audio material and generates a custom filter curve to create a natural-sounding tonal balance.

Auto-Assist Bundle Bundle provides a well-rounded toolset to empower your music production. This collection is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and available for a limited time only.

Buy: https://audioandgear.com/lk8t


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