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6 Of The Best Soft Synths: Unlocking Superior Sound. 6 Soft Synths That Outshine Hardware Synths

In this entry we will reveal those plugins or soft synths that has nothing to envy to any hardware synth. And even more, with any doubt there are some that some way more better. But enough talking, let’s see what this is about:

1- Spectrasonics Omnisphere

The Omnisphere is a monster synth as an Audio Plug in, is sonic power horse that uses rompler techniques, additive techniques, wavetable synthesis and a lot more of integration. We can easily say that is the best synth out there, and we were right, but all good things comes with costs and in this cases the cost is a lot of space on your hardware disk, an abusive using if the hard drive, In any case we still think that’s totally worthet. So, let’s hear some examples:

Omnisphere Bass:

Omnisphere Keys:

Omnisphere Pads: 


Buy Spectrasonic Omnisphere here: https://audioandgear.com/ey5y




2- Xfer Serum.                                     

We all know when serum show his first stages that it gonna be a super synth in a plug in vst version, like is today. His developer tell in an interview that he hired a mathematician phd to shape the forms of the oscillators, and wow, he makes the difference. And besides his superpower synth sound, it is super fun to play it to create sounds from schacht, yes, it is a bit CPU hungry sometimes but we can live with that. Also worth to mention the high quality of the effects of the Serum. Let’s have a listen:

Serum Bass:  


Serum Keys:


Serum Pads:



3-U-he Hive. 

U-he id s company with a large story with audio soft synths and with Hive transcends boundaries. Harness its intuitive interface and comprehensive modulation options to sculpt captivating soundscapes effortlessly. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, Hive’s versatility empowers you to craft intricate tones that captivate and inspire, all in an tidy sounds massive. Let’s listen:

Hive Bass: 


Hive Keys:


Hive Pads: 


Buy H-he Hive here: https://audioandgear.com/1a94



4-Arturia Pigments :

The French connection is here! This VST Audio Plug in synth redefines sound design through its fusion of analog and digital synthesis, offering an expansive palette of tones. Dive into intuitive controls, customizable modulation, and rich effects to shape your sonic landscapes, did we mention that it had tons of modulation capabilities?….Let’s listen:

Pigments Bass:


Pigments Keys:


Pigments Pads:


Buy Arturia Pigments here : https://audioandgear.com/vks8



5- Reveal Sound Spire:

This soft synth/VST is ideal for various genres. Most recommended for Hip Hop and Trip Hop but we think it is a lot more than that. Also it is simple to understand and that is a goal. Harness its versatile oscillators, dynamic modulation, and immersive effects to create mesmerizing audio landscapes. Elevate your sound game this plug in from Reveal Sound Spire. Let’s listen:

Spire bass:

Spire Keys:

Spire Pads:


Buy Reveal Sound Spire here: https://audioandgear.com/hhmy


Native instruments Massive:

This iconic synth offers is still breaking rules after years now, an Audio Plug in with  unparalleled versatility, empowering producers across genres. Harness its robust oscillators, intricate modulation, and immersive effects to craft unique sonic tapestries, you can go wrong with Massive. Let’s have a listen:

Massive Bass:

Massive Keys:

Massive Pads:


Buy Native Instruments Massive X here: https://audioandgear.com/6fy2



We hope we help to you to decide for one or two or the six of this beast, and well, yeah, it is ok to have the knobs and all that s***t but you can achieve great music just with a mouse and a keyboard midi controller. Enjoy and may the sound be with you!



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