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Capturing the Vintage Vibe: A Faceoff of 5 Roland Juno 60 Emulation Plugins

Choosing the Best Roland Juno 60 Emulation Plugin: Exploring 5 Impressive Options

Discover the array of options available when selecting the perfect Roland Juno 6 or Juno 60 emulation plugin that suits your needs. The Roland Juno is a timeless analog beauty, adored by countless artists across generations. Despite its simplicity, the hardware version boasted two defining characteristics: 1) temperamental oscillators, known for their charming imperfections and occasional detuning among the 6 voices, and 2) the iconic Chorus effect, adding a unique and captivating beauty that remains a favorite among many artists.

Let’s delve into the topic and compare 5 remarkable software synths that aim to replicate these distinctive qualities and overall sound. Our selection focuses on finding plugins that faithfully recreate the original Juno experience, prioritizing simplicity over additional features and price considerations. Join us on this journey as we seek to uncover which option comes closest to capturing the essence of this beloved classic synthesizer.”

1- Arturia _ Jun-6 V: Arturia uses in this case his technology to recreate the strange behavior of the oscillators of the Juno 60, adding a parameter that adjust the oldest an erratic oscillator. It also do a great job with the Chorus effect, perhaps it does not sounds as analogue as we want, in the low-mid range, but hey, still makes a great job.



Let’s have a listen:

Buy Arturia _ Jun-6 V: https://audioandgear.com/v7uo



2- TAL-U-No-LX : Despite his simple GUI design, the Tal-U-NO-XL sounds warm, nostalgic, and rich, capturing the essence of the original Roland Juno, and as a plus, this GUI is very simple to understand, like the original synth, it sound amazing for us and it had what it is need to had to claim to be one of the best Roland’s Juno emulation. Let’s listen:

Buy TAL-U-No-LX : https://audioandgear.com/c4m7


3- Model 84 by Softube: There we are talking now! Softube did a great job on this, adding those imperfections to the oscillators, maybe a bit too much in some cases, but who cares, they did it and they did it right! This softsynth captures all the nostalgic and vintage warm of the original, it had some variants to adjust to your taste, and that is excellent!

Let’s listen:


Buy Model 84 by Softube: https://audioandgear.com/1xuo



4-DCO 6 by Cherry Audio: Maybe we could say it is the most analog of these fives, and that is much to say for Cherry Audio DCO 6, although it does not have these erratic behaviour or at least noticeable at first, but it sounds convincing, harsh and strong.

Let’s have a listen:


Buy DCO 6: https://audioandgear.com/p7fn



5- Roland Juno 106 Cloud: The original, the iconic brand factory has his own virtual version of his iconic synth. maybe not the most captative of the air that’s brings the hardware version, of course, sounds like a virtual Juno, it does in a very good way, but perhaps not with the most obsesion to get that particular imperfection of the analog world, but it does a great job and to be fear, and it is comes from the original brand, so, anything is good with the Juno 106 Cloud. Let’s listen:


Buy Roland Juno 106 Cloud: (link)


We hope to help you in your decision on what Juno 6-60 soft synth is the better for you. Enjoy it!

And please, allow us to keep doing what we love, and buy the products using the links below each option. Thanks!





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