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Affordable Hardware Synths: Explore 5 of the Best Polyphonic or Paraphonic Options

In this entry we will review 5 affordable options of Hardware Synths, all of them are polyphonic or paraphonic.

1- Behringer DeepMind 6 : Is the less affordable on the list, but compare with his capabilities and sound, trust me on this, It is a true recreation of the super magic Roland’s Juno 6 synth. It is analogue, polyphonic, has a larger keyboard, lots of controls. And simple to say, sounds amazing!

Let’s have a listen :

Buy Behringer Deepmind: https://amzn.to/43oneUf


2 – Korg Minilogue : 4 voice of polyphony, a modern analog digital controlled synth. Let’s be clear on this last sentence, it is analog, but is controlled digitally so the user do not have to worry about fine tune related with temperature to get the right tune, is the same technologie of Dave Smith instruments. Also, has a oled display, arpeggiator, micro tuning, and different types of modulations. A nice choice for a budget. Let’s listen:

Buy Korg Minilogue: https://amzn.to/3rhwufp



3- Arturia MicroFreak : it is an hybrid synth, digitalls oscillators and analogue filters, it counts with some exceptional sounds of the Mutable Instruments sound module Plaits, among a vast range of possibilities, a matrix section for modulations, paraphonic mode, and randomness to the incorporate sequencer and wavetable synthesis type. It is a kind of appealing freak synth. Let’s listen:

Buy Arturia MicroFreak: https://amzn.to/3pUNaJj


4- Korg MicroKorg: What else can we say about the most all time top seller synth….not much, digital but powerful synth, vocoder included, the all terrain design, the polyphony, the arpeggio function, all of these features makes the MicroKorg in a exceptional option for every entry or medium level in the world of hardware synthesizers. It had all, and it does all good. Let’s listen:

Buy Korg MicroKorg: https://amzn.to/3Ocrt0R


5- Roland Aira Compact J-6 : It is a portable Juno 6, a pocket synth, with some very interesting possibilities, like the chord feature, the sequencer, different types of FX’s, a high performance battery and all the classic Juno 6 digital presets. A nice choice to put the eye, and the ear. Let’s listen:

Buy Roland AIRA Compact J-6: https://amzn.to/3Ocdic5


In conclusion, we show here a long pallet of great devices per value, we hope we have help you to discover and decide which one is for you!


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