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Music Charts June 2023

Tala Chart June 2023



In this debut music chart we have chosen a more capricious version by our taste:

1- Tala  – Number 9 Ep – Monotale Records, yes, the main monkey behind this blog also makes music and release it, and we are proud of this, so it is in number 1 position. Techno, breaks, IDM, Ambient, I did the release with the help of a couple of labels who make the mouth to mouth promotion, and that is the best of it.

2- Madteo – Head Gone Wrong : We love Madteo works at any stage, and with this particularly release we tried to show of what is capable to make, Madteo has a long list of releases, we only could find this, but all his works deserves a listen, a true talent.

3- Juniper- Theories EP – Underground Quality : We cannot say how much we have looked for this release since we heard it from the first time, This release is totally a piece of jewelry, four tracks one better than the other, and a super deep release like anyone else.

4-Aphex Twin – Selected ambient works : Well, not much to say here, it is a must, the entire release is awesome, almost every song is an anthem of techno IDM.

5- Kassem Mosse – Workshop 32 : The last release from Kassem Mosse, the fetiche artist from the great label Workshop, in this release Kassem Mosse sounds more mature and wise, it delight us with some hand made glitch movements. And we can say, all the release sounds solid, like always did Kassem, with some grade of experimentation but not going too far. Another masterpiece for this underground techno hero.

6-  Various : Future sound of Jazz – Compost Records : This release compends a bunch of tracks of a very refined artist, some iconic artist are featured here, we could say also, it is a must this release.

7- Lowtec – Blundar 11: One of the founders of Workshop records, we could say the main head behind that label, has released a long play on Blundar label, deep, slow tempo, leftfield the same music he promotes on his own label he shows here, a super pleasant tunes, in a relaxed moody way, it is like to have a treasure to have this release.

8- Squarepusher – Feed Me Weird Things – 25 anniversary – Warp records: it’s been so long Squarepusher release this out of world release that Warp Records made a re edition, it is a collectable release, part of the history of electronic music, and IDM/Drum and Bass, a total futuristic release for his time, we cannot said to much about it, you just listen.

9 – LNS and DJ Sotofett : tow upcoming techno starts growing, LNS and DJ Sotofett, this last one with a very underground and DIY attitude brings in this release a bunch of electro techno tunes with fresh air, it worth the time to listen them.


This list ends at the Number 9 in honour to Tala release, called Number 9, and there are some reasons to call it Number 9, just to name a few, all multiples of 9, of you sum the digits it always end on 9, no matter how many digits you have, if it is multiple of 9, end in one digit that is 9. Also, is the biggest one digit number, also you can represent any one digit number with the cuantitives of angles you can count, not in the modern way that numbers are represented in these days but in the antique way number were represented by the amount of angles, all numbers? no, the nine could not be representative with such amount of angles….why?, and last, 9 is the half of infinite for many reasons that we would not explain in this blog post.

Enjoy the music!



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