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Vintage Synth Voyage: Uncovering the Magic of Five Monophonic Analog Beauties at A Great Price!

Welcome to this blog post where we delve into the world of 5 iconic vintage monophonic synths. These gems are not only guardians of specific music genres but also encapsulate the essence of their respective decades. Join us as we explore these legendary synths and their affordable clone counterparts, available at unbeatable prices!


1- Model D by Behringer.                 

Ii is a perfect clone of the Moog Minimoog, sounds fat, in comparison with the original Moog, this is small and it does not have a keyboard, but in exchange it had a MIDI connector and it is more stable than the vintage MiniMoogs. Sounds precise, hard, and at a great price. And we can assure it is a Minimoog but with another Brand like Behringer. Let’s listen a demo of the Model D of Behringer :

Buy Model D by Behringer: https://amzn.to/44Kz2RG


2- Behringer 2600 Semi Modular Analog synthesizer.

The Behringer 2600 Semi Modular is a clone of the monster but versatile ARP 2600. Of course, Behringer did not also just a copy of the original, it does a welcome modernization in his frontal panel and leds sliders that it feels super nice and new. The sound….bah…we don’t need to compare, maybe the reverb, that in this case is digital in opposite to the original that was a spring reverb, but other than that Behringer made a total winner on this clone, and again, at a great price. Let’s have a listen:

Buy Behringer 2600 Semi Modular : https://amzn.to/3rnqzFL


3- Korg MS 20 Mini :

Korg itself made his own reincarnation of his classic MS 20 but in a smaller size, and some additions like USB and MIdi connections, this synth is/was extremely versatile not only for his possibilities of make pachts and experiment with different patchings, the synth by itself sounds….versatile, good for any aspects you want to use, bass, leads, keywords sounds, FX, and a lot more. And it has a particular super nice sounds, a favourite from a vast artists of techno, house, and electronic music en general, even in the indie land. It is easy to get surprised buy this synth. Let’s listen a bit :

Buy Korg MS 20: https://amzn.to/3pQA93q


4- Behringer model TD 3-SR

The clone of a classic, an instrument that creates a style of music, the Acid (House/Techno/Electro). Planned by Roland to be just a bass synthesizer to accompany another instruments, it turns out that the 303 finished making new styles of music, it was so beyond to make realistic sound bass that the technolovers take the instrument and they flip around it, making tons of music based on the Roland 303 sounds. A special sequenciator also make this possible and an easy recognizable filter resonance and cutoff that gives to the 303 his very original and limited character. Let’s listen:

Buy Behringer Model TD 3-SR: https://amzn.to/3JW9ARe


5- Roland SE 02

Roland SE 02 was developed in conjunction with Studio Electronics, a cult company with lots of fans. Roland take this chance to make something new, to bring us a new flavour on the analogue field, and the result is amazing. It incorporate a sequencer, lots of modulations possibilities, MIDI, USB and CV connections and 384 presets. A great package at a great price. Let’s listen:

Buy Roland SE 02: https://amzn.to/3XWUdOs


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