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From Analog to Virtual: Evaluating Five Moog MiniMoog Emulations for your DAW

Unleashing the Power of Moog MiniMoog Emulations: A Comparative Analysis for Choosing the Perfect Synth Plugin for Your DAW.

First, let’s beggin listen the real Moog :

Round sound, heavy low end, what else? We have no word to describe this legendary synth, maybe the number 1 of all synths? It could be for all that represents.

Now, in no particular order, we will listen the Best Moog MiniMoog Emulations: A Comparative Analysis of Five Synths with Unique Value and Sound, we choose five from a vast pallets, we think this five synths has his own value that goes beyond than just a faith recreation of the original MiniMoog, All these options are 5/5 points for us, the thing is, which sounds best to you? We hope to help you to decide.

1- UAD Minimoog.

The UAD Minimoog was developed with the original Moog factory brand. Very close to the original, aldow, we must say, and this affects every software or digital synth, it can’t replicate the real Analog sound, we are talking about a 3-5% percent that’s make the difference between the two technologies, but, it does not mean that one sounds better than the other technology, it is just different in that percentage. Going back to UAD Minimoog, we think it’s awesome! let’s take a listen:

Buy UAD MInimoog:: https://audioandgear.com/8kix


2- U-he Diva

Diva is not exclusive a Minimoog recreation, is a lot more than that. It captures the spirits of many analog synthesizers, adding more flavour to the recreation with more filter analog design options, and different oscillators behaviors, but over than the thing we mentioned, it simply sounds amazing as an instrument! Let’s hear it:

Buy U-he Diva : https://audioandgear.com/ruqp


3- GForce Minimonsta 2

Minimonsta 2 is the evolution of the first Minimonsta by GForce, it give to the user a lot of more features in this version 2. Is worth to mention that it is polyphonic, had 300 presets, a Vintage control and programmable macros. And more important, it sounds very sweet to our ears. Let’s have a listen:

Buy GForce Minimonsta 2: https://audioandgear.com/ad06


4- Softube Model 72

The Softube Model 72 sounds sturdy and warm, a true recreation of the monophonic analog classic like the MiniMoog, Another way to describe the Model 72 is to say that it sounds precise and monolithic. Very appealing for bass lines. Let’s took a listen:

Buy Softube Model 72: https://audioandgear.com/g8a7


5- The Legend by Synapse Audio

Very well recreated, The Legend has four voice polyphonic at the cost of one voice, It was made meticulously with the original hardware, it recreates as well as his competitors, every circuit component behavior. Also, a great GUI with a modern touch, and it can be switched to between two types of analog modelling, the Early and Late. A great option to have in mind. Let’s listen:

Buy The Legend by Synapse Audio: (link)


Also, we think it’s worth to mention others Minimoog recreations soft synths like the Arturia Mini V, the Cherry Audio version, and the Monark by Native Instruments. We did not include those synths on the list because our 5 favourites are the mentioned above but every has his own merits and goodies.

We hope we have help you with to make your decision with this post. Please help us to keep developing what we both love and make your purchase with our links that we provide below each synth example.






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